Custom Covers, what in the world do I want?


raven tree design custom covers, what in the world do i want

Custom covers can be anything you can dream up!

Blood Sweat, And Tears

You spent months, years, even decades writing, and perfecting you story into a work of art. Don’s fall short on the cover of your book. Authors have great vision and creativity to dream up whole worlds, and immerse us readers in whatever story unfolds. Take that vision and be sure to get your custom cover designer on the same page…get it, page, books author, ah never mind.

You start sifting through hundreds of designers and start to think custom covers, what in the world do i want? Now obviously i would love it if you chose Raven Tree design to create artwork for your masterpiece. This isn’t a sales pitch, this post is simply about what information you need to get from your designer, whether it is me, or ABC design company.  Not only what you need to get, but what you should have ready when you start discussing your cover project.

Keep your dream the way you see it, but…

Authors are generally fall into two categories; those who know what they want, and those who don’t have any clue what would show that story. For those who know exactly to the pixel what your design will look like. Like i said above keep your dream the way you see it, but… try to be open to creative suggestions. With that said, don’t ever let a designer bully you into something you aren’t in love with.

When you design your custom cover think of the classic “show don’t tell“. I know I know, you deal with that every day, you don’t want to hear it about a picture on the cover. Think about it we normally look at the pictures, and images first and read titles, or authors last.

With that in mind, you need a main focus, or idea for the custom cover. As a designer, I like to really know the book. Offer as much insight to your story, main characters, environment, and general mood.

Personally, I like a chapter or two in addition to blurbs, synopses, and press releases. I want to feel the emotion, and “see” the vision you haven’t spent so much work on.

Always prepared, and forget nothing…

or was it always forget and prepare nothing? I forget, OK OK that’s the last bad joke i promise.

So far we learned what you should expect from the designer up front. We also learned a little about what you should offer up. But what else should you have ready and prepared for kicking off your brand new cover project?

First thing first, think of everything you may want included. With Raven Tree Design, and many other designers the more you order together upfront the bigger discounts you get.

I know it is easy for me to sit here and tell you to order one of everything, heck make it two of everything. But seriously if you can stretch your budget a little bit in the beginning, it can really save you a lot later on.

Why is it usually cheaper to bundle? Well i cant speak for everyone, but for us it has to do with momentum, time, and just good ole marketing.

When I say momentum and time, I mean once a project is started and you know what it en tales it is easier to manage workflow if I know what the full scope is. Not having to start all over when an add-on service is ordered months down the road.

What do i mean by “good ole marketing”? It just means it is incentive for you to  use my services for more, and keep your business, even if it is at a reduced fee. I do want to make people happy at the best price possible, but i, like every other business, have bills to pay.

So there is how to start a custom cover, in a nutshell.

Thanks for reading along, and check back for more tips, tricks, and reviews.

Bad jokes and puns at no extra charge!

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