Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to most common questions can be found here. If you have a question that is not listed in the faq please contact us.

Q: Do the prices on the Custom Services/ Pricing page include stock images?

A: No stock image cost is not included in the cost. Unless stock is provided by the customer, or Raven Tree Design already holds the rights to it, as with Pre-made designs

Q: Why isn’t stock included?

A: Stock varies in cost by source, size, and license so it would be impossible to fairly include this upfront. We do not mark up stock fees, so you may purchase directly, or it can be included in invoice at total.

Q: If I find stock I want to use can Raven Tree Design still purchase it and invoice me?

A: Yes, in fact, depending on the source it may be cheaper due to volume discounts we receive. Simply provide me with a link to the image you have in mind during our preliminary discussions.

Q: Can I use any stock, or image for my book cover/ graphic design?

A: No, let me explain in detail.

  • First and foremost, it must be used with permission. (purchasing rights, using within rules from a free source, or a photo you personally took for example)
  • Secondly, it must be high enough for the intended design. Printed material needs to be 300dpi minimum for quality printing.  Web only graphics only need to be a minimum of 72 dpi.
  • Finally, it must be large enough to work with your project.
  • For example, a standard print 6×9, 400 page paperback flat design measures about 13.25 by 9.25 inches. (This varies dues to the trim and page count) At 300 dpi this is 3975 x 2775 px, so a tiny 100x 150 px stock graphic most likely would not work, without alot of fillers.
  • Of course the stock doesn’t have to measure the full size because very rarely do we just use one image there are backgrounds, filler graphics, and layer elements to name a few.
  • Bigger is always better, but don’t rule anything out until we can discuss your project personally.

Q: Can you give my hero wings, or my damsel in distress get bright red hair instead of her drab brown hair?

A: Yes, this is called photo manipulation. However, not all stock lends itself well to manipulation. Most of our book covers are extensively manipulated in one way, or another, so don’t rule anything out. Our designer will discuss the options of your project with you.

Q: Where can I find stock?

A: Any online royalty free stock website has suitable images. We use Fotolia primarily, but I will use any safe source to get the right image for a project. I am not affiliated with www.fotolia.com in any way other than being a long time customer.

Q: Why do most of the images have a raven and Raven Tree design printed on them?

A: These are called watermarks. They are to prevent accidental unauthorized use of images.

Q: Will my cover have watermarks on them?

A: No purchased material will have watermarks on them. Some pre-approved mockups and conceptual proofs may contain them.

Q: Where do I start? or, Ive never commissioned a graphic design before, help me!?

A: Well the first place to start is, look over Raven Tree Design, and get an idea what service you need, and want. You can contact us through email on the contact page.

We are now starting to use forms and questionnaires to make the first contact process smoother. This also allows us to form a better idea upfront of the project scope. Be believe this is a better way for you to relay your needs to us, but you can still use email as well.

  • After you contact us our designer will be in touch with you, and learn more about your project needs. Zackary will then give you a quote or tell what else we will need from you to move forward.
  • Once a quote is given Zackary will begin work on your project and keep you involved along the way with updates and questions. In cases where you don’t have a specific design in mind we may submit multiple design mockups for your approval. You have full control of the process and can make unlimited changes (within reason of course).
  • After the completed design is approved you will be invoiced through Paypal, and receive all appropriate files included in your quote.

Q: What information should I include when I contact you?

  • A: For book related projects: I will need the Book title, Author name, and any tag lines you want to appear.
  • A blurb, synopsis, or brief description for your back cover (this may be changed at a later time if you don’t have it available yet).
  • Genre (example: romance, PNR, historical romance, SCi-Fi)
  • General mood you would like to portray(example: dark, happy, light, whimsical, childish, serious) be as descriptive as you like.
  • Description of any characters or scenes you would like to show. Excerpts, or relevant chapters from your story are helpful with this as well. The more insight I have the better I can help.
  • For paperback: Trim size(example 6 x 9), paper color, page count( if you don’t have an exact number yet just a general word count is helpful OK this stage), Name of Print on Demand service you will be using.
  • Any details you require on back cover/ spine (example: publisher name/ logo, credits, etc)
  • Date needed by. Please include Cover reveal, and release day dates if you have them.

Q: What is your turn around time? or How quickly can I get my completed design?

A: This varies depending on the project, but rest assured your project is always given my foremost attention and quality work.


  • A typical Book cover with promotional materials can take 10 to 15 business days. This includes time for us to work back and forth on design considerations,(and approvals/ rejections) as well as locating the perfect stock for you. The quicker you reply, approve, and or reject, the quicker the process is.
  • Small web banners with supplied stock can be turned around in the same day to 2 business days depending on backlog.
  • Premade designs, with minimal personalization can usually be fit in between custom orders, and delivered same to next day.

Raven Tree Design reserves the right to cancel orders, if there is no response after 6 consecutive business days, (without prior warning) at any step of the process.

Q: I have a urgent deadline do you expedite services?

A: Raven Tree Design will do our best to help you with last minute deadlines. Please be upfront with the urgency in your initial contact with us. In return we will be honest if your needs can be met in your time frame.

Q: Your contact us form doesn’t work for me, how can i get in touch with you?

A: You can reach us on Facebook, use the mail button at the top of this page, or email me directly zackary@raventreedesign.com

Q: What form of payment do you take?

A: Raven Tree Design will submit an invoice through Paypal. You do not need to have a Paypal account to pay invoices, most major credit cards are accepted.

Q: When do i pay for my design?

A: After the project is complete, and i get your final approval. Your invoice will be sent. Once payment is received, all files included in your project quote will be delivered.

Q: Do you do work in all genres?

A: yes, our goal is to please the client. We do all genres from children’s, and sci-fi to erotica.

Q: Will you do nude cover art?

A: Yes, it is your book, we want you to be happy.

Q: Are rejected design concepts used?

A: We reserve the right to use any rejected concepts in part, or whole for future needs.  However, we will never re use the actual stock.

For example: You are presented with concept a, b , and c. All three of these could have the same stock image. If you choose concept a, the stock will never be used in concepts b, or c.

Q: Can I post or use any work in process mockups, or conceptual approvals you send me publicly?

A: While I realize you may want to show close friends or relatives, they are not completed works, and not meant for public viewing. As with any artist, I would prefer if you refrained from public posting of work until it is completed and paid for.

Q: Do you have discounts, or sales?

A: Yes we discount quite a few items that are typically purchased together on the Services/Pricing page. We also offer specials, sales, and gives-a-ways from time to time. The best place to catch these is on Facebook.



Question and Answers in this faq are for your convenience, please notify me if you come across any mistakes or broken links.

Thank You

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